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Below are pictures from the "Lancaster / Sight & Sound Theatres® Trips" we thought you would enjoy!

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The name "Sight & Sound" was inspired by the teaching of Jesus found in Matthew 13:10-23. The disciples asked Jesus why he spoke to the people in parables or stories. Jesus replied that even though people were seeing, they did not really see. Even though they were hearing, they did not truly hear or understand what they heard.

Sight & Sound's goal is to visualize and dramatize Biblical truth through live stage productions - to illustrate truth in the same way that Jesus did, by storytelling. Their desire is that the audience will gain clear understanding and inspiration through these presentations, believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, and deepen their relationship with our Father
through Him.



Sight & Sound's Mission
"Our purpose is to present the Gospel of Jesus Christ and sow the Word of God into the lives of our customers, guests, and fellow workers by visualizing and dramatizing the scriptures, through inspirational productions, encouraging others and seeking always to be dedicated and wise stewards of our God-given talents and resources."



Glenn and Shirley Eshelman started Sight & Sound in the summer of 1975, with a 10-week multimedia show

 entitled The Wonder of It All in an auditorium rented from Lancaster Bible College.



The Eshelmans had traveled throughout the nation presenting photographic and slide shows

 to churches and religious groups and decided to try a running show at home in Lancaster. 



Based on the success of their first run in Lancaster, they built the original Sight & Sound Auditorium (now Living Waters Theater) on Rt 896 near Strasburg.

In July 1976, the Sight & Sound Auditorium opened for the performance of A Land of Our Own.




In 1987, Behold the Lamb debuted as the first full-length live stage production at the original Sight & Sound Auditorium.
















With continued success at the Sight & Sound Auditorium the Eshelman’s realized the need for a larger theater and the Sight & Sound Entertainment Centre was built and opened in March 1991. The new theater was much larger (1,400 seat capacity) and featured a larger stage area. The theater debuted with the production of The Eternal Flame (an ironic portent of what was to come for the theater). Two new, and extremely popular, plays were added to the repertoire in the mid 1990s: Noah and The Miracle of Christmas.

At the end of "Noah" the front of the "Ark " transforms into a cross and Jesus appears offering the message of salvation. Sight & Sound has continued to include this message of salvation in every show since "Behold the Lamb." In more recent shows they have started to include an altar call where members of the audience can come forward to accept the gift of salvation.



Virgin Mary in the "Miracle of Christmas" ~ Jesus is Conceived by the Holy Spirit 


On January 28, 1997, just weeks after the first run of The Miracle of Christmas, the Sight & Sound Entertainment Centre was ruined by a fire during a construction accident. The theatre was a total loss, destroying the main theater as well as connecting buildings, sets, and costumes. Thankfully, The Living Waters Theatre was still in use and was reconverted for use as a live stage theater.

The Eshelmans, realizing the smaller theater would not be sufficient for demand or for their more audio/visually demanding plays, decided to rebuild and on September 1, 1998 the Millennium Theatre opened. This theatre features over 2,000 seats, a 300 foot wrap around stage, state-of-the art lighting, audio and visual equipment, and an enormous underground construction area for building sets. The campus also features storage facilities for sets not currently in use and areas for live animals used in the performances.

After building the Millennium Theatre, Sight & Sound continued to use the Living Waters Theatre for live action performances of Psalms of David, Abraham and Sarah: a Journey of Love, and Voices of Christmas, crafted especially for the theater’s more intimate setting. Unfortunately, 2010 was the closing season of the Living Waters Theatre as more emphasis wanted to be placed on the Millennium Theater and the Branson, MO Theatre.

Aerial view of the Living Waters Theatre.



Since building the Millennium Theatre, Sight & Sound has experienced major success with shows such as Noah the Musical, Daniel, Ruth, Behold the Lamb, the Miracle of Christmas, In the Beginning, Joseph, Jonah which debuted in 2012, and Moses which debuted in 2014.

Sight & Sound Theatres has been described in many ways: "the largest faith-based live theatre in America", "the Christian Broadway", "one of the top three theatre destinations on the East Coast" ...and the list goes on. Each year, about 800,000 people come from around the country and around the world to experience a production at one of Sight & Sound's theatres in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, or Branson, Missouri.

This is what you see when you enter the lobby of Millennium Theater!!

Aerial view of the Millennium Theatre.

We have included the Behind the Scenes Tour on some of our motorcoach trips and the facility is impressive to say the least. The backstage and stage areas are cavernous and the underground bay where they build and prep the sets are immense.  In fact, the stage is so large that while you are standing on it, the rest of the theatre seems intimate in comparison. The tours are led by performers in the plays and they are worth checking out to see how the major productions are staged.







The Millennium Theatre as seen from our motorcoach on the July 2010 trip to "Joseph."

A new show "Jonah" premiered in 2012 at Sight & Sound's Millennium Theatre, Lancaster, PA.

A new show "Moses" premiered in 2014 at Sight & Sound's Millennium Theatre, Lancaster, PA.

The parting of the Red Sea ... the Burning Bush ... the Plagues ... the Ten Commandments ... finally ... the greatest Biblical epic of the Old Testament comes to life on the Sight & Sound stage in Lancaster County, PA - Moses! Journey back through time and relive the golden splendor and pride of ancient Egypt, the poverty and oppression of the Hebrew slaves and the humble, broken man that God raised up to become their deliverer. Not only will you be completely immersed in the spectacular, epic events of the story, but you will experience the humanity of Moses and the children of Israel as they struggle for faith, freedom and belonging. This incredible adventure is like none other for this is when God breaks into history and reveals who He is and that He has come to heal the brokenhearted and set the captives free!

Moses' Mother puts Moses into the water.

Moses was taken from the waters.

Moses found his sister.

The burning bush.

Pharaoh was amazing and was even better looking than Yul Brynner.

Moses leading the people to the promise land.

The Ten Commandments being written on the tablet.

A new show "Samson" premiered in 2016 at Sight & Sound's Millennium Theatre, Lancaster, PA.


World Premiere of Jesus at Sight & Sound Theatres!

March 10, 2018 - Januaruy 5, 2019 in Lancaster County, PA

"Jesus" is the musical stage adventure about the most famous person ever to walk the earth and the everyday people whose lives he changed forever.

Use the following YouTube link if the embedded video will not play: https://youtu.be/10DR8Zn5WW8

For 40 years, Sight & Sound Theatres® has brought Bible stories to life on stage in jaw-dropping scale. With 2,000+ seat theaters in Lancaster, Pa., and Branson, Mo., more than a million people come each year to experience these original, live portrayals of faith, courage, hope and redemption.

Aerial view of the Plain & Fancy Farm and the Amish View Inn.

View of the Lancaster countryside as seen from the Amish View Inn.